Taking care of your jewelry

We recommend you to take good care of your jewelry. Each piece is made by hand and requires delicate handling. Please store your jewelry in the supplied case when not using them.

Wipe off the jewelry with a cloth after each use to remove tarnish and remnants of makeup, skin oils etc. We do recommend taking off your jewelry before bath, doing sports etc to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. And please take off your pieces before going to bed.
To make your jewelry last a lifetime be sure to also protect them from scratching, various chemicals, extreme heat or cold and sharp blows. Remember that a piece of jewelry is delicate and not indestructible.

Sterling silver/925

Silver oxidizes over time and may darken. For heavy dirt use a silver polish and cleaning cloth to keep the silver shiny.
NOTE: We do not recommend you to use silver polish on materials that are not silver.

The brass we use is non-lacquered and not wax coated. Like silver, brass oxidizes over time and get patina. It’s a normal reaction and happens when the metal reacts with the oxygen in the air. Keep your jewelry clean by using warm water and liquid dish soap. For heavy dirt use a commercial metal cleaner (preferably for brass).

If your skin discolor from oxidation:
When wearing tight pieces made of brass (earrings and rings for example) your skin may turn a little green. This is a common issue with copper alloys and nothing bad, just not desirable. To prevent it from happen, keep your jewelry clean as described above. The cleaner you keep your brass jewelry the less likely your skin will discolor from oxidation.

No metals, neither silver or brass, are fond of salt or chlorinated water. Never keep your jewelry stored in the bathroom.

Our black and white pearls consist of rubber lacquered birch. For maximum durability, we encourage you to regularly clean them with a damp cloth. It is very likely that the wood will emerge eventually. This is a natural occurrence over time, but you can prevent it from happening sooner by taking proper care of your jewelry and protect them from scratching.